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Local focal, Kanishka Mehra

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About four summers ago, I got my hands on my father’s DSLR camera and immediately fell in love with the simplicity in operating such a powerful device. Like most people, I wasn’t any good at photography when I started. Most of my photos were of walls, flowers and the sky. I would look at the featured images in National Geographic magazines and stare in awe at how there were such intricate and beautiful things out there to photograph.  

What could I do in a place like Overland Park, Kan.?

Although it took me a while, I came to understand that photography is the art of perspective. To those living in tropical and touristy locales, Overland Park, Kan. probably sounds like a small agrarian town with acres of wheat farms. For those living in Kansas City, it sounds like the place where middle-class folks go to raise a family. But for me, it’s the place I’ve learned to appreciate for all its hidden gems, humble people, proximity to the city and beautiful seasons.

And that’s why I’m writing this blog! For anyone with a thirst for adventure and a desire to put Overland Park and Kansas City on the map, my advice is to be fearless in seeing the world around you in a new light. I hope that my blog inspires others to appreciate the beauty of living in Overland Park, Kan., and also reignites my love for my hometown one last time before I part ways with it next year and head off to discover another city.