Royals reactions

After the Royals won their first World Series title in 30 years, students share their reactions.

Gabe Swartz and Avery Mojica

For the first time in 30 years, the Kansas City Royals are World Series Champions. After defeating the New York Mets in four of five games, the Royals staked their claim as the best team in baseball.

After coming up one game short of the title last season against the San Francisco Giants, the Royals bounced back this season to take the crown.

Senior Jackson Regan said the Royals’ run this season was different from last season because it was not as much of a surprise and he expected more out of the team.  

“The feeling now makes up for everything last year,” Regan said. “Last year I was upset that we lost but I was really happy we were even in [the World Series]. This year I really wanted us to win it, and when we won it, it made up for last year.”

After the final out was made, Regan said he joined the rest of his neighbors, screaming and shouting in the streets. Along with the celebration, Regan said he saw and heard many people lighting fireworks off throughout the night.

Junior Ian Lecki said that throughout the playoffs, he held faith in the Royals and knew they were going to win the championship. After making the comeback in Game Four of the American League Divisional Series against Houston, Lecki said he gained confidence in the team and their playoff hopes.

“I knew they would do it, I knew they would pull through and they wouldn’t choke,” Lecki said. “They had unfinished business from last year and they weren’t going down two years in a row, making it to the championship and then losing it.”

Senior Susie Song said she was ecstatic when the Royals won the World Series and she could not believe what she saw all throughout the playoffs. Song said the Royals resiliency was the key factor of the team and its run to the championship.

“I felt like I watched a miracle watching each of the games and watching so many comebacks time after time,” Song said.

Senior Nikhita Ravikanti said that it felt great to be able to see the Royals win the World Series after their heartbreaking loss to end last season.

“It felt like redemption to get back,” Ravikanti said.  

Both Regan and Lecki said they were already planning on attending the World Series parade on Tuesday prior to Blue Valley cancelling school, and they expect more people to show up now that school has been cancelled.

Lecki said he thinks the Royals are primed for another run at the World Series if they re-sign second baseman Ben Zobrist and start Paulo Orlando in right field. Regan also has high expectations for next season.

“We’ve got to repeat, we’ve got to take the crown twice. It’s got to be the goal, we’ve got to come out and do it again,” Regan said.