Girls varsity basketball team defeated by BVSW 45-62

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Girls varsity basketball team defeated by BVSW 45-62

Brandon Fagen, Writer

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The BVNW girls varsity basketball team played BVSW Thursday night. The Huskies trailed behind the Timberwolves from the start, and in the end lost by 17 points. The final score was 45-62, BVSW.

Head coach Brian Bubalo said a challenge the team faced was trying to catch up when they were down by so many points.

“It takes so much energy coming back that as soon as we cut it close, we were just so tired,” Bubalo said. “We were trying to get people in and out of the game to keep fresh people in, but we were just so tired that eventually they would take advantage of it.”

He also said a contributing factor to the team’s loss was defense; they could not find the right combination of players that could play both defense and offence. Bubalo said he noticed the necessity for the team to improve on their defense.

“We just couldn’t seem to find a combination that could play at both ends of the court,” Bubalo said. “Again, it is hard to come up from behind.”

However, senior Amanda Coffin said the game was not all bad. The girls may have lost, but she said they still took some things away from the experience.

“We executed well what our coach wanted us to do, switching back and forth to different defenses and running our offensive plays,” Coffin said.

According to Coffin and Bubalo, there were lots of things that went wrong with the game, but they both agree that the girls varsity basketball team played hard and did at least a few things right.

“Overall it wasn’t one of our best games,” Coffin said. “But everyone still played hard and played together and we always do well and give our best effort.”