Varsity football defeats Mill Valley 34-26

Cameron Hamm, Writer

After a tense game that left many fans on the edge of their seats, the Homecoming gridiron showdown between BVNW and Mill Valley ended in victory for BVNW, 34-26.

The game began with BVNW kicking off. Mill Valley began to gain some momentum, moving up the field. That momentum quickly shifted when BVNW senior Jake Loftness intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown only three minutes into the first quarter. The interception gave the Huskies an early lead in the game, a lead they never surrendered.

Only two minutes after the first interception, senior Miles ALexander picked off another interception and made it to the end zone after one more running play, putting another seven points on the board. Alexander’s favorite place to be seemed to be the end zone, scoring another touch down right before the end of the first quarter.

Alexander scored one more touch down in the second quarter. Mill Valley struck back by scoring their first touchdown at the end of the second quarter and a field goal in the third.

Alexander scored once again with 10:10 left in the fourth quarter. Mill Valley was not throwing in the towel, however. The team scored a touchdown with 7:35 to go in the fourth quarter, and scored two points on a safety tackle after relentlessly pressing the Husky defense. For a few moments, it appeared that Mill Valley had a chance to catch up to the Huskies. However, the Husky offense held onto the ball and ran out the clock, bringing the game to a close with 34-26, BVNW.

Head coach Mike Zegunis said the team did well on running the football and taking an early lead, both which helped secure the win.

“There were some great performances,” Zegunis said. “It was great early on getting those interceptions, those were huge plays that really got us going.”

Zegunis also said the team has plenty to work on as the season progresses. He said that while the football game was tough, the Huskies made it harder on themselves with the mistakes they made, especially turnovers.

“Turnovers really kill you,” Zegunis said. “We got to be able to get the snap down the ball and run the clock out. We’re still learning, hopefully we’ll get better and not make those same mistakes.”

Senior Miles Alexander said the Huskies started out very strong defensively and did a much better job running the ball.

With four touchdowns, Alexander said only one thing goes through his head when he receives the ball: score.

“I just want to get as many yards as possible,” Alexander said. “I look for the first hole and go, that’s usually what I’m better at.”