Spirit week: Class color day

View scores and pictures from class color day.

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First place: Juniors

Dance- 6 pts

Percent dressed- 0 pts

Best dressed- 4 pts

Philanthropy- 6 pts

Total: 16 pts today, 65 pts total


Second place: Seniors

Dance- 4 pts

Percent dressed- 2 pts

Best dressed- 6 pts

Philanthropy- 2 pts

Total: 14 pts today, 57 pts total


Third place: Sophomores

Dance- 2 pts

Percent dressed- 4 pts

Best dressed- 2 pt

Philanthropy- 4 pts

Total: 12 pts today, 53 pts total


Fourth place: Freshman

Dance- 1 pt

Percent dressed- 1 pt

Best dressed- 1 pt

Philanthropy- 1 pt

Total: 4 pts today, 27 pts total


Fifth place: Staff

Dance- 0 pts

Percent dressed- 6 pts

Best dressed- 0 pts

Philanthropy- 0 pts

Total: 6 pts today, 17 pts total