BVNW America Decides holds mock election Nov. 8

America Decides, a class designed to inform students about politics and the electoral process, is hosting a mock election at BVNW on Nov. 8.

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BVNW America Decides holds mock election Nov. 8

Gia Shipman, Writer

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Today BVNW students will have the chance to vote for a presidential candidate and state representative in a mock election. Students can vote during their social studies class or in the library.

The mock election is being held by America Decides classes, which teaches students about the various candidates and how to be informed about the electoral systems and politics in general.

To prepare for both the real and the mock election, students in America Decides have been learning about the two main presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They have gained their knowledge by watching videos, creating projects and teaching each other about politics. Senior Andrew Shaw said he initially didn’t know much about the two candidates.

“It’s very good to have knowledge on politics,” Shaw said. “Before I was kind of uneducated on them. This class made me realize politics don’t always directly affect you but it’s good to recognize them.”

Brian Murphy, one of the teachers for America Decides, encourages all students to participate in the election during school. He said his favorite part of the election has been the controversy.

“Donald Trump, are you kidding me?” Murphy said. “He just makes it so interesting and fun…Everything he says, there is always something in the mix. It’s beautiful.”

Nicky Lentsch

Student-monitored computers are set up outside the library. There is an exit poll with general demographic questions, as well as questions about reasons for selecting a candidate. After completing both parts of the mock election, student voters will receive an “I Voted!” sticker.

Results of the mock election will be posted online throughout the day.