Redefining summer

Redefining summer
Raabia Qureshi, Writer December 3, 2020

America the blind

It is imperative for us to take a second look at practices we’ve been doing out of mundane routine after the progressions toward racial equality that transpired this summer. The Pledge is outdated, misleading, and should not be included within the school day of young, impressionable children.
Courtney Krebs, Graphics Editor November 10, 2020

Guest Opinion: Thoughts on the Protests

Guest Opinion: Thoughts on the Protests
MaKenzie Iszard, Class of 2020 senior June 9, 2020

Opinion: Buying in bulk

Opinion: Buying in bulk
Maddie Clark, Photog April 13, 2020

The necessity of Personal Finance

Junior Lauren Kline discusses how the personal finance class greatly benefits students and should be required for all students to take.
Lauren Kline, Photographer February 13, 2020

The case for impeachment

The evidence against the president when it comes to impeachment is compelling.
Jack Bensing, Writer January 22, 2020
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