Guest Opinion: A Decade of Dominance

Guest Opinion: A Decade of Dominance

Andrew Lind February 1, 2021

Editor’s Note: The author of this article, Andrew Lind, is a 2018 graduate of Blue Valley Northwest High School. Andrew is also a former player of head basketball coach Ed Fritz and a teammate to several...

Our upcoming February Issue of The Express is devoted to telling Black student’s stories and recognizing the inequities within our district and our school.

White privilege is breaking into the United States Capitol unscathed

Emma Johnson, Editor-In-Chief January 10, 2021

Wednesday I found myself, at 17 years old, living through another major historical event. Sitting in front of my TV for nearly seven hours I took in the events of the day, watching Trump supporters, armed...

Redefining summer

Redefining summer

Raabia Qureshi, Writer December 3, 2020

Take a second to recall every transformative moment from this summer. The thousands of comments about student experiences with racism on Blue Valley’s Instagram post. The peaceful Black Lives Matter...

It is imperative for us to take a second look at practices we’ve been doing out of mundane routine after the progressions toward racial equality that transpired this summer. The Pledge is outdated, misleading, and should not be included within the school day of young, impressionable children.

America the blind

Courtney Krebs , Graphics Editor November 10, 2020

At one time or another, many students have placed their hand over their heart, memorized the lines to the Pledge of Allegiance, and recited them in sync with their classroom peers. It is imperative...

Guest Opinion: Thoughts on the Protests

Guest Opinion: Thoughts on the Protests

MaKenzie Iszard , Class of 2020 senior June 9, 2020

I would first like to start by saying black lives matter.  We have always mattered and we will always matter. If you believe my statement is controversial then you are a part of the problem.  This...

Opinion: A letter for the underclassmen

Opinion: A letter for the underclassmen

Maddie Beischel, Photo Editor May 7, 2020

Dear Northwest students, “Highschool goes by in a blink of an eye.” When I heard that phrase my freshman year, I rolled my eyes, thinking “these idiots, four years sounds like an eternity.” But...

Opinion: Buying in bulk

Opinion: Buying in bulk

Maddie Clark, Photog April 13, 2020

As Coronavirus panic and hysteria set in, social media is flooded with images of empty shelves and overpriced hand sanitizer. Buying products in bulk may seem like an efficient way to regain control during...

Treating your own body and that of others with a higher level of respect is the first step to reform. Everyone deserves both privacy and control of their bodies, as well as the power to dictate what it does with whom.

You don’t need to know my body count

Courtney Krebs , Writer March 3, 2020

Let me paint you a picture. It's the Monday after a school dance and everyone is sharing their weekend adventures at the lunch table. You’re a girl. Your friend leans in and whispers about how that girl...

Junior Lauren Kline discusses how the personal finance class greatly benefits students and should be required for all students to take.

The necessity of Personal Finance

Lauren Kline , Photographer February 13, 2020

If you have ever spoken to a high school student, you have assuredly heard the common complaint of not learning anything useful in school. What you may not know is that most schools, including Blue Valley,...

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