Music single review: Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker”


Grace Miller, Writer

After a six year hiatus and solo careers coming to follow for Nick and Joe Jonas, the Jonas Brothers came back with their hit single Sucker on March 1. It received an inordinate amount of positive feedback with many listeners comparing it to “Feel It Stillby Portugal. The Man. and praising its upbeat feel and pop rock sound. The song seemed to be dedicated to the brothers’ significant others, Danielle Jonas (Kevin’s wife), Sophie Turner (Joe’s fiancée) and Priyanka Chopra (Nick’s wife), who even made a special appearance in the music video. Overall, it combined the old school Jonas Brothers with a catchy and radio-friendly beat that appealed to a wide variety of listeners.

While the overall song was a success, it is a bit flat compared to others in the same genre. The guitar and drums did not come in as much as they should have, with the song remaining at a consistent pace throughout. The lyrics were catchy if not a bit repetitive, specifically with the phrase “I’m a sucker for you.” However, the song is a natural progression from where the brothers left off in their 2013 split.

With the level of momentum “Sucker” has received, it would not be a surprise if they follow it up with an album.